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How important an application is robot welding?

Robotic spot and MIG welding remain key applications for robotic automation representing about 30% of the world's robot population. As the production of robots has increased over the years, the unit cost has decreased and this allowed companies in the general industry sector (as opposed to automotive) to consider robot welding for medium to high production needs. Robots reduce production costs and improve quality. It is a misconception to think that robots take away jobs. Quite the opposite is true.

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For which applications are robots used?

Typical assemblies in the automotive industry suitable for robot based welding automation are: exhaust systems, seats, cross members, steering hanger brackets, engine mountings, tow bars, suspension parts. In general industry: furniture, gates, stoves, bridge sections, wind turbines. Items for the yellow goods industry (earth moving vehicles) include: buckets, cabs, loader arms and back hoes. In fact anything that is produced in reasonable volumes can be welded by robots.

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How different are modern robots?

Although the principle of robot welding has not changed since its introduction in the seventies, suppliers are constantly developing new features that make it easier to implement this technology with improved performance and lower investment levels. Many of the images show KUKA robots as they could be used without copyright. However the information on this site is of a general nature and applies to most robot suppliers.

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